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Learner Permit
What you need to know about the new learner permit From October 30th 2007
A driver holding a full license for over two consecutive years must accompany training permit holders. For the first time, the accompanying full-license holder will be liable to be breath tested as if they were behind the wheel and they must hold a license for the category of vehicle being driven. It is expected that other responsibilities will be introduced into the future.

Questions & Answers:
Q. Why must a first-time permit holder have held the permit for at least six months before they can take a test.
A. To allow first time permit holders gain some experience prior to sitting the test.

Q. What changes are in now for second provisional drivers are they still allowed drive unaccompanied?
A. Not since June 30th 2008.

Q. What changes are in now for first provisional drivers are they still allowed driving unaccompanied?
A. Drivers on all learner permits or provisional licenses must as always be accompanied by someone with a full license held for at least two years (see above).

Q. Should Test candidates be accompanied to the test centers?
A. After June 2008 all test candidates including provisional license holders must be accompanied?

Q. What happens to existing provisional licenses?
A. They remain valid until expiry, at which point the holder is given a "learner permit". A driver on a (current) first provisional will be given a second "learner permit".

Q. Must learner permit holders display L-plates?
A. Yes. All learner permit and provisional license holder are required to display rectangular signs of the letter "L" not less than 15cm high, in red on a white background, placed in clearly visible vertical positions to the front and the rear of the training vehicle. Failure to comply becomes a separate offence.

Q. From what date must a learner motorcyclist wear the letter "L" on a yellow fluorescent tabard?
A. From December 1st, 2007

Q. Does the learner permit system apply to all license categories?
A. Yes.
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