Motorway Driving Lessons

Just passed your test? A bit nervous about venturing out onto a motorway? Then perhaps you should consider a two hour motorway session with Park School of Motoring.

We will teach you how to drive confidently and safely on today’s busy motorways, such as the M50, M1, M4 or M11, in either you own car or one of ours.

Topics covered include:

  • planning journeys in advance
  • joining and leaving motorways
  • lane discipline
  • effective observation and anticipation
  • signs, signals and markings
  • safe speeds in different circumstances
  • courtesy to other road users
  • motorway fatigue
  • breakdown and emergency procedures

If you require more information and/or wish to book a session, please contact us.


“I been to two other schools and they never explained driving to me the way you did. I understand the car much more now and feel I can make the right choice in every situation thanks to you.”


“Hi, I just wanted to email Paul and thank him for all his assistance in preparing for my test. I only had a few lessons with him, towards the start of the year and he may not remember me, but he definitely improved my driving no end. I passed with a single Grade 1 fault – most of which I attribute to Paul’s observations. Thanks again.”


“Before I came to you I was ready to give up driving. The way you guys teach is so easy to understand. And you let me learn at my pace. You have the patience of a saint and it was what I needed to help me with my nerves. I can’t thank you enough.”


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We can demonstrate an overall 95% driving test pass rate for individuals who have successfully completed our short pre-test course over actual driving test routes in the South Dublin area.

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