Pretest Driving Lessons

The Pretest Driving Lessons are designed to provide learner drivers with the understanding control and confidence  they need to sit and pass the  practical driving test.

Pre-test Driving Lessons: How They Can Help You Pass Your Driving Test

We all pick up ‘bad habits’ over time but this can mean the end of your driving test if your not aware of them and correct them in time.

Paul will take you out on a rigorous pre-test lesson and mock – test scenario to test how ready you are for your Irish Driving Test.

Passing Your Driving Test

Our students have a 97% pass rate. This is largely because our instructors take the time and care to help you prepare in advance. In addition to the EDT Driving Lessons, we do this is two ways:

Pre-Test Driving Lessons

Pre Test Lessons will go through your driving manoeuvres and focus on weak spots to help you fix these before your test. This will typically cover the Common Faults Contributing to Test Failure.

Mock Tests

Mock Tests will help you prepare for the Test, what to expect and see how you preform in that scenario. This is one of the most invaluable tools to learner drivers about to take the Driving Test.


“I been to two other schools and they never explained driving to me the way you did. I understand the car much more now and feel I can make the right choice in every situation thanks to you.”


“Hi, I just wanted to email Paul and thank him for all his assistance in preparing for my test. I only had a few lessons with him, towards the start of the year and he may not remember me, but he definitely improved my driving no end. I passed with a single Grade 1 fault – most of which I attribute to Paul’s observations. Thanks again.”


“Before I came to you I was ready to give up driving. The way you guys teach is so easy to understand. And you let me learn at my pace. You have the patience of a saint and it was what I needed to help me with my nerves. I can’t thank you enough.”


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We can demonstrate an overall 95% driving test pass rate for individuals who have successfully completed our short pre-test course over actual driving test routes in the South Dublin area.

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